Akashic Currency Bureau

The Akashic Currency Bureau was a series of “sonic offerings” made from 2008 – 2010 in urban environments with the intention to use the offering as a balancing force to the psychological tension of the city, spearheaded by Dok Gregory and Aaron Taylor Kuffner. Some offerings were made public and people were discreetly invited to witness and participate. The sonic offering was made by live improvised performance of ambient electronic music whose form was slave to the intentions of the offering and in response to the site the offering being made in. An analogous comparison of this style of music would be the difference between eating food for pleasure and ingesting medicine to heal. The ACB was dedicated to the latter.

Here is an example of a private announcement:

The Akashic Currency Bureau (ACB) presents “Ministerio Oblique”
A series of philanthropic harmonics (Shabda).
We beckon the workers, the dreamers, the conspirators who know the obstacles ahead and behind us. We call to those who cannot turn back. We summon those who know that joy is a special wisdom. We may give arduous and cryptic instructions, but our counsels lead to the release of the harmonic that allows the ether to rejoice.
Sound and color will be the Amrita of the community.
Saturday October 11 10pm – 12pm

Where Heron Street meets the East River, tucked off to the right (Greenpoint). See attached map.
Dress appropriately for the night. Bring your own vessel for drinking warm beverages. You are requested to bring a blue flower(s), a scent that can be released through smoke and/or berries (not in a disposable container).

You may bring and or invite friends but absolutely do not forward this to any lists or post this notice anywhere. Also note that this is not a happening sanctioned by the conventional rules of the prevailing republic, please act in a free responsible manner of the greater objective.