Auditorium is a music series for lovers of ambient music presented in 8.4 surround sound, produced and curated by Kevin Balktick and Aaron Taylor Kuffner in 2011 and 2012.

The goal of the music series is two folded. Firstly it seeks to showcase an under-served genre of music in a proper immersive setting optimal for both performer and audience. It secondly attempts to create a community centered around relaxation and beauty using the techniques often employed by warehouse parties and raves.

Auditorium seeks out unique venues, often old churches, and presents a nightly line up of artists performing on an uber surround sound system of Kuffner’s design, that utilizes eight 1000 watt full range speakers arranged in a circle on the parameter of the space facing in and four 2000 watt bass bins in the center of the room facing out. Each artist performs in the middle of the room, and has the option of presenting work through 4 or 8 channels, or having Kuffner specialize different frequencies to move throughout the space in quantized motions. Audience members sit on rugs and pillows wrapping around the artists on all sides.