Emma was founded in 2009 as a collaboration between Aaron Taylor Kuffner, Ryan O’Connor and William Etundi.

Their work was an exploration of the history of others; it is a product of their narrative, wisdom, and personal experience infused with their own aesthetic. Emma drew upon their background in sculpture, sound and large scale production to create living monuments. Each piece was immense in its ambition but intimate in its detail.

The Trio staged 3 significant happenings in 2009 and 10, and have since been on hiatus. The first was named “Feed”. It was an undocumented illegal tour through a landmarked region of Statan Island. The 2nd, “The Riot Temple”, was a massive sculpture made from riot shields featured at the entrance to the Scope Art Fair in Maimi 2009. The 3rd piece entitled “The Eagle” chronicalled the legendary gay leather bar of the same name on New York’s west side highway with a elegant sculpture made of glass and found wrought iron railings staged in the very room the Bar existed in for 3 decades.