Single Tone Mindfulness Sculptures

Single Tone Mindfulness Sculptures are a series of sound producing artworks that focus on a single resonance from an acoustic source. Artworks are named for the size of the wave lengths the acoustic source produces recorded in Hertz. Single Tone Mindfulness Sculptures are rooted in interactive conceptual rules geared towards increasing mindfulness and awareness of self and surrounding. Pieces often have a programmable countdown timer which triggers the sound to play. The user is asked to set an intention when they set the timer and to use the resonance as a reminder of the intention they set. Other artworks in the series use sets of celestial data to trigger the resonance through the day in an effort to draw a connection with larger celestial bodies. Some Single Tone Mindfulness Sculptures have button triggers that play short set patterns of strikes at close range to the user which the artist calls “doses”, with the intended use for a quick on-demand calming of the mind and body.