Zero Gravity Thinkers

Zero Gravity Thinkers (ZGT) was an ambient experimental band formed by Dok Gregory and Peter Principle in 2007 including Aaron Taylor Kuffner from 2008-2014. The band’s mission was to create tangible transcendent experiences through sound. They explore the limits of their chosen instruments of expression, by skillful improvisation that leads the listener through atmospheric spaces. Their music has been described as both “strangely transportive” and “deeply psychedelic”.

Zero Gravity Thinkers (ZGT) featured Peter Principle performing with prepared guitar, bass, and synthesizer; Dok Gregory performing with theremin, synthesizer, and sampler; and Aaron Taylor Kuffner performing with EWI wind midi controller, sampler, and tenor saxophone. In addition to various recording projects and live stage presentations, ZGT created sound installations, music for dance, multimedia performances and soundtracks. They performed in locations as diverse as The Brooklyn Bridge, on Governors Island and along the East River as well as event spaces like the Issue Project Room, Chelsea Art Museum, and Galapagos.