Cicada Enterprise

Cicada Enterprises was a company founded by Aaron Taylor Kuffner in San Francisco in 1995 as part of a conceptual art work. The art work itself was an elaborate guerrilla advertising campaign centered around the insect cicada and various mythologies about the insect throughout history. In 1996 and 1997 Kuffner became one of the most prolific street artists of the time in New Orleans. He used stencils and wheat pastes on buildings, as well as pocket placing (the opposite of pick pocketing) fact cards, using sale tag guns in clothing stores and creating a product suite of stickers, napkins, toilet paper and wearable items. Kuffner was eventually apprehended and subsequently dropped the moniker completely at the end of the summer of 1997. He did not mention the artwork for the following 10 years until the statute of limitations was met. All documentation is assumed to be destroyed.